JU Prof. Heather Hausenblas offers WJXT viewers tips on holiday snacking

Studies show that all those goodies around the holidays typically add an average of about a pound to our frames, but JU Associate Professor of Exercise Science Heather Hausenblas recently had some strategies to avoid that for WJXT TV-4 morning show viewers.

Much of the extra snacking comes from added stress during the holidays, she said, and the sad news is that we don’t usually take that pound off later.

Hausenblas’ pointers included setting realistic goals such as maintaining weight rather than losing weight, hiding treats in the house, replacing treats with healthy snacks such as fruits and veggies, staying hydrated and keeping active.

She also mentioned a natural supplement made by ReBody, available in capsules and chews, called Hunger Chews and Hunger Caps. The supplements, which employ the spice saffron, have been clinically proven to help control desire and emotional eating, according to Hausenblas.

To see the entire interview, click here.



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